Great hitters will often tell you they feel like the pitch is coming toward them in “slow motion” even on a 95 mph fastball. How can this be? They have the ability to “slow the game down.” Again, the mental approach is the key to hitting.

Two keys to this are:

1- See the ball right out of the pitcher’s hand. The hitter should know release point and wind-up tempo before they step in the box. They should use the time on deck to start timing their loading mechanism with the motions of the pitcher.

2- Making slow and early (controlled) moves in order to get ready to hit. The same exact body movement can be considered a good loading move before the ball is released and it could be a hitch if the ball is half way to the plate and the hitter has to rush. Keep loading moves continuous and controlled. This way your head and eyes can stay as quiet as possible AND you can ready your body to attack the pitch if it is a good one to crush!

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