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Regardless of the off-the-field controversies--it's hard to find a player in baseball history who was a better hitter than Pete Rose. With the All-Star game in Cincy, it feels right to use him as a great example of the importance of keeping your (balance) center of gravity throughout the swing.

During the proper swing, there is a transfer of weight against the back side, then a stride and landing of the front foot, which triggers a powerful pivot of the hips--finishing the weight transfer against a stiff front side. This sequence is the engine for a consistent and powerful swing.

Pete used his legs better than anyone. His knees were always between his feet. His head and spine were as well--which allows the body to prepare, but also keeps the head quiet, making pitch recognition much easier.

Try a slight inward press of the knees in your stance and a good amount of bend in the knees to help your swing mirror this. Make your loading moves slow and in control during the move back and you will be surprised how much better you see the ball and the ease with which you start to drive the baseball. Enjoy the All-Star game!