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Checkout the photo above. The Astros won the game and advanced to the Divisional round because their hitters were ready to hit from the moment they stepped in the box. They visualized on deck, had seen the pitcher before and were ready to pounce on the pitch. There is a big difference between a hitter's average when ahead (or even) in the count vs. when they are behind in the count.

Always be ‪‎ready to hit‬ from the first pitch of the at bat. This doesn't mean you should swing at the first pitch just because it's a strike, but too many hitters get behind in the count by watching a mistake pitch (or even 2) go by.

If you have seen the pitcher before, prepare yourself before you get in the box, and if he makes a mistake over the middle of the plate--make him pay! I will take a hitter with a good swing in a 2-0 count any day over a hitter with a "perfect" swing in an 0-2 count.
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