"I feel the younger guys put too much emphasis on quantity swings," said Andre Dawson, a special assistant to Marlins team president David Samson. "You want to have quality swings. When you feel good and get in a good rhythm, get out of [the cage]. When you take too many swings, you get tired and get in bad habits."
I love this quote. I’m sure my guys get tired of hearing me say “NEVER sacrifice quality for quantity!” when they start to swing too rapidly and lose focus on the process. But, I do it for their own good. Over and over, I see the accelerated great results of focused quality work vs. hurried and sloppy work.

Too many youngsters are fed rapid fire tosses or pitches. Even when they are hitting off a tee, they should imagine a pitcher in the cage with them and work on their setup, stance, and loading mechanism. Sure, it may cost them an extra 15 seconds a swing, but it’s so much easier for their minds to assimilate the swing into a game situation. ALWAYS swing with a purpose!
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