Yom Kippur

He chose not to pitch on Yom Kippur, game 1 of the World Series, 1965; A poignant asterisk by a great athlete, that baseball is, after all, only a game.

Yet, for the Jews, every pitch sang of the redemption; in his windup, the strain in his face and body, and arm, extending all the way back, as if redeeming the beleaguered history of his people, as fastball after fastball set down foe after foe, as in the Days of Yore, a nation of miracles.

And the Dodgers went on to win the Series, and Sandy Koufax, the MVP...

But brighter still, the heavens, had they lost the World Series, altogether, for the sacrifice would be complete, with a man forgoing his honour before the multitude, all in the name of a higher calling.
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