Yankees: They're on a roll, man. 5 1/2 games back, man. 7 game winning streak! Joba has been really stepping up for the team lately. Got tickets for July 3rd Boston Yanky game!!!!

Mets: HAHAHAHAHA! The Mets are the laughing stock of the Sports cyberspace. Willie fired, Jose out of the game, Jerry takes over, Wagner still in denile and still has his patriots hat on. Mets are in the pit of insanity. Mets fans are getting out the tapes of the Beatles concert and avoiding the HELP! part. Why? The have it memorized by now! HELP! I need some body,HELP! not just anybody!
(sidenote: Willie has it on his iPod, dedicated to Heilman and "Wags"

CURRENT EDGE: My Yankees!!!!!!!!!!!!