Hello all, I really like writing blogs, but I still don't really know what I will and what I want to write about on these yet. There are so many Yankee fans, that it would just be boring to read more Yankee junk all the time. I considered featuring teams and seeing how they are doing, and who they should try to get, but that would take a ton of research, I was going to do saint Louis, the 2006 champs, and I started wondring, I wonder if any of these guys were injured, which might effect their stats. Like if I wasn't a yankee fan, then I would not have known that David Ortiz of the red sox had... a bad back? which made it harder for him to hit homeruns.

I hope to be writing blogs in the future, once I get some ideas of what to write.

Yes I will be reviewing them before I post them, and using spell check