Everybody collects something. My mother collected Disney videos. Some people collect stamps. Some people collect things only in their heads... like thoughts, or memories, or stories, or jokes. Me, I collect baseball cards... always have. My parents claim that baseball cards taught me how to read and do math. I don't disagree. I poured over every one I could find. Trying to figure out how to calculate the stats on the back.

Then the collection turned into an obsession. I wanted to have every card ever made. I kept them in boxes (still do) and in binders (don't do that anymore). When I move dto college, i brought some with me. When I got my first apartment in Brooklyn, NY, I brought even more. When I moved to Boston - I brought them ALL. Now I have a house, and a wife, and a kid... and I still collect cards. i don't care what they're worth... and I don't try to collect everything anymore (impossible now)... but I still collect. Because it brings me enjoyment. It brings me back. It makes me happy.

And while my wife may mock me or scowl at the boxes and boxes of cards I have (I've downsized a bit over the years), at least I have a hobby that makes me happy. Doesn't everyone collect something?