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pics are so hard to believe

i was also there. what section were u in? i was in right field section 9 box 95. ive been to fenway many many other times. i love sitting in the infield grandstand as long as u dont have a pole in the way u have a great view. but if ur in the right field box, the sightlines there are so so so awful. me being a short 16 year old i had to lean up to see all the pitches. its not steep at all. for some reason the grand stand has much better sightlines IMO. despite that i actually like fenway, but the right field seats looking straight into right field suck!
Iwas in grandstand section 8 row 4
I dare any red sox fan to go to section.8 and say they painted the seats- they were splintery brown- we were shocked those seats have not been painted in many many years
What can I say I hadn't been there since the 80's and was very excited to go back-as you can tell I was very disappointed

Rys was a palace compared to it- and I for one never clamored for a NYS and will forever miss the old place
But do like the NYS for the most part