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As I recall Rob, you're a fan of grandiose, soaring, intimidating - big, baby, big. So you're complimenting Citi Field by saying its massive tribute to the home team (now quite a bit more extensive than NYY if you don't count the monument basement) is far from subtle. Indeed, you're right - it screams Mets. Yeah, it's a year late - but it ain't a dollar short.

The Mets aren't gonna win the great player sweepstakes, but they're finally playing to the strength of their identity. The Yanks should do a bit more around the new Stadium, tucked in and way as unfortunately is (they were constrained by the dimensions of Macombs Dam Park)....
To bad by the way its going there will only be about 15,000 per game to enjoy the strength of their identity or whatever that is
Gonna be at the stadium a few hours early Tuesday to take pictures of what's left of the old place