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By "physically viable", I wasn't thinking in terms of 2010 standards for new construction, but Fenway Park is bigger and better than it was 10 years ago. And it's viable enough for 3 million fans to buy into each year. Between 4000-5000 seats have been added and it's now nearly equal in capacity to many of the new (post 1992) ballparks. About the same as Pittsburgh, in fact.

I do agree with you on the Monster seats. As you write, they do sell well, but that's the one change that I would have passed on.

As for rating ballparks, I usually leave out Yankee Stadium (either version) as I'm too familar with it to be objective in comparing it to the others. So I'll rate Fenway first overall and Wrigley second. I do believe that Camden Yards is still the best of the new ones. But to be non-objective for the moment, old Yankee Stadium is the greatest to me!

Agree about old yankee
Went to many bat days, cap days, ball days, old timers days and beautful sunday doubleheaders there
Saw Mickey a few times
Frank Howard, Dick Allen, Boog powell, Harmen Killebrew
And of course Bobby Murcer, Horace Clark, The folly floater
Aaaaaaa the good old days