Yeah, I know you hate fundraising.

So do I.

But there are ways to automate it so you don’t have nearly as many worries.

When I was in high school my coach had fundraising down to a science.

We had 3 different fundraisers.

1. Sold fruit
2. Worked bingo
3. Sold ads/banners

There was a large list of team equipment we could get from him. This list went something like this:

uniforms (4 tops, 3 pants, belt, 2 hats)- $150
2 pairs of socks-$10
2 pairs of sweatpants-$40
3 T-shirts-$40
2 pairs of shorts-$40
Collared shirt-$40
2 sweatshirts-$50
2 long sleeve undershirts-$40

If my math is correct this equals out to about $530. Through the 3 different fundraisers we had to raise this amount of money to get the full allotment of equipment. Or write a check to split the difference. Or only get some of the main equipment pieces, which is what many of the players chose.

Additional money would need to be raised for the following items:

Spring trip-$330
Umpires, baseballs, travel-$100

This is a brief estimate off the top of my head, but you get the idea. This is based on a program that receives no aid at all from the school or school district, so this estimate could be much less.

Each kid is responsible for $960 for the year, and through fundraising each kid gets a certain amount of equipment.

The $430 for the spring trip is non-negotiable, and must be fundraised, or a check must be written by a family member to split the difference.

Yes, there are exceptions, as some kids who are poor cannot write the check and have trouble leveraging a network around them to fundraise a lot of money.

However, they could work bingo, and extra money was usually raised so the poor kids could be helped out. No one was going to miss the trip over missing a few dollars.

We all know kids, and kids LOVE stuff. They love gear, and whatever is going to make them look good.

Make sure you order great looking stuff, and clearly explain the fundraising tier system that will allow them to access this gear. The amount they raise is directly related to how much gear they will receive.

Put this system in place and stick to your guns. Kids will learn that they cannot receive gear without raising the necessary amount of money and this will provide the kick in the butt that they need to fundraise like crazy.

How important is fundraising???

Fundraising is EVERYTHING if you want to have a successful program. We all worry about money as coaches, and instituting this system can provide motivation and ease your concerns.

Coach it up,


P.S. What fundraising tactics do you use? Leave it below.

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