Do you ever wonder why certain players always hit the ball farther than others?

How come there are some little guys who seem to hit the ball far, while other bigger players often do not?

It all seems to be a mystery.

There are really 2 reasons why…..#1. Batspeed, #2. Ability to hit the ball on the barrel (mechanics)

All of the hitters in the major leagues possess both #1 and #2.

#1. Batspeed- Ability to create bat speed hinges on fast twitch muscle fiber, core, hip, and leg strength.

It is true some people are born with more fast-twitch muscle fibers than others. We can’t control that, right?

It is a common misconception that bat speed cannot be improved.

There are things a player can do to increase his core stability and strength, and as follow as training to be explosive through the legs and hips.

Most people train the core through crunches, or exercises where they flex their spine.

The way our abdominals are situated indicates we are not meant to train the core in that way.

We need to use exercises that strengthen the core without flexing the spine….here is one that trains the inner core, which provides true core stability, which is what we need to create bat speed.

The next exercise truly trains the core to produce explosive strength, the same as what you need when you are swinging a bat.

To teach your body to move at higher speeds you must train as high speeds. After completing this exercise you will feel how hard you have worked.

So many athletes train isolation in the weight room (bicep curls, tricep pushdowns), and do not train using exercises in which you are using all of your muscles at the same time to produce efficient movement.

In sports what type of movement do we use where we curl one arm up without using the rest of our body?…that’s right, none.

In sports, when do we use all of our muscles at once to produce movement explosively?? All the time it happens, in every sport.

Above is another exercise similar to the one before. This exercise trains the body to be explosive in a rotational plane, which is exactly what you are doing when you are swinging.

Doing a few of these exercises 2-3 days a week can dramatically increase bat speed, and bat speed is the true indicator of how far a hitter goes in his career.

Coach it up,


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