Well. finally a blog site that is about all of baseball. It's funny. I found myself on the SOSH(sons of Sam Horn) website and i laughed. I am a Red Sox fan but it's funny how the smallest rumor goes so overboard on the one team blog sites.
Today, I feel like talking about my hometown team. The Twins. Now for all the Twins fans here, what do you think is the greatest trade the twins have made in their history in Minnesota(not as the Washington Senators)
I have to say it's hands down the A.J. Pyrzinski for Liriano, Bonser, and Nathan.
This trade is easily one of the best trades i have seen in recent years. A troublesome catcher who is hated by most of the state, for a two young pitchers and an established closer who has now saved our team from "everyday Eddie"
so in your opionion what is the greatest Twins trade in the Minnesota History