Major League Baseball is a pretty exciting sport to watch. But I have some ideas for changes that might help make the game even better.

1. Expand to 32 teams and realign to 4 divisions of 4 teams in each league.
This is covered more in detail here:

Colorado would be the first NL team to be asked if they want to move to the AL, and if they say nah, Arizona would be asked. In addition, the two expansion teams would most likely be southern markets.

And the schedule format:
60 games against division rivals
18 interleague games
84 other intraleague games

2. Expand the playoffs
If a mere 4-division winner format were used, there would be inevitable criticism relating to good teams missing out and weak teams making it in. Solution? Have the division winners, plus 2 wild cards (can finish either 2nd or 3rd) in each league. This ensures that the 3 best teams in each league make the playoffs.

The seeding process would also be tweaked. The 4 division winners and 2 wild cards would be seeded 1-6 all based on regular season performance. And as for tiebreakers, let MLB figure it out.

3. A second All-Star Game
This is not a new idea, there had been 4 years in the late 50s/early 60s with 2 All-Star Games (the 2nd one in 1959 might have been to make up for the 1945 cancellation).

The rationale behind this? Currently, as it is, every team must have at least one representative in the All-Star Game. This leads to some more deserving players being left out. However, in the second game, many players that were left out of the first game could get to play in the second game. The second game would also not be bound by the "at least one player from each team" rule.

And, every year, one game would be in an AL park, and one an an NL park.

And how to make up for the lost 3 days? Scheduled doubleheaders. These have not been seen in years, but by implementing these, the overall length of the season would not be disrupted. All doubleheaders would consist of division rivalries, an easy thing with a 4*4 format in each league. And the doubleheaders can be scheduled in two ways: there can be 3 days in the season reserved for scheduled DHs, or scheduling the DHs can be left entirely to the teams.

I also had posted about this earlier:

4. Return to the traditional way of determining home-field advantage in the WS
The World Series should just go back to alternating home-field advantage between the leagues every year.

By having the ASG determine home advantage, it takes away a lot. Most importantly, one league can have a long winning streak in the ASG - thus denying the other league home-field advantage for a long period of time. By abolishing this rule, we are able to avoid that.

5. A few more national TV contracts for night games

Currently, only Sun, Mon, Wed, Thu have national TV games at night. It wouldn't hurt to add Tue, Fri and Sat to the mix. Most likely channels would be FX, Spike, and USA.

Discuss your thoughts on all this.