I just wanted to post to my blog...didn't know there was one on here. Here's my daily rundown.

1. Paul DePodesta - the best unemployed GM? I think so...it appears he likes SD weather and has family there and isn't about to make any giant leaps to another team. Pittsburgh might have and probably could have used him very effectively.

2.OH, just in...Barry Bonds indicted for PERJURY...
Lovely state of affairs. Bonds is as guilty as they come, but for some reason I find myself feeling sorry for him. The * asterisk kind of makes me sad. Maybe it's because I wish he either never broke the record or at least did it 100% honestly....not sure which.

3.And I am upset that the Yankees who said they would NOT be interested in AROD if he opted out of his contract are now rumoured to be close to signing him. They said the Torre was fired if the Yanks didn't win...Torre wasn't FIRED, he was squeezed out, but at least they kept their word...who believes the Yankees anyway?

4.Last run around the bases, how about the Yankees sign Roger Clemens back for another 20 million dollar half of a ineffective season just to make sure that he is officially done. Roger knows he's done and I'll bet my wife he does not return to embarrass himself. Roger is the best damn pitcher I've seen in my life and should go out with people like me saying things like that.