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Cost reasons, philosophical reasons, and more. HS sports will eventually give way to the academy process in all sports, except for perhaps football.
Oh, I don't know. I hope you're wrong. Certainly US Soccer has different goals, than say, the NFL, MLB, or NBA. Obviously they all want to profit, but while the latter three already have proven to be the best in the world, US Soccer, as the article puts it "has a mandate" to improve its developmental programs in order to produce more competitive USMNTs. Certainly they are modeling other countries' soccer programs by doing so. Look at some other sports we have...baseball: the US teams tend to come from the elite travel orgs, right? I've heard that in SoCal many talented HS age players play for their clubs and not for schools? Basketball, the US team comes from the pros, so nothing to prove there. Football, nothing to prove, and most coaches know that playing more youth football games is NOT good. Gymnastics, the teams come from private gyms. Skiing, from colleges, especially specialized ones like Burke Mt. But in all those sports our level of play is at or above the world level. Plus soccer is probably our number one participatory sport, and with a population like ours, one would expect our level of play to be the best in the world. That's what US Soccer wants.
I just hope that for kids, the allure and pride of playing for your school, never becomes a zero sum game of playing beyond your school.