Sorry, I didn't update during the week but I was in lovely Birmingham, Alabama. But I guess it is a good thing that I'm posting late because I get to talk about the Josh Hamilton deal.

Immediately, I said "who" and well, I had a good reason. Edinson Volquez was in the minor leagues for most of last year with the number I first saw, 7.13 ERA in Single-A. But for some reason he had a 1.41 in Triple-A. The numbers seem good since he holds batters to a .190 BA which is great for the 1 foot by 1 foot ball park known as Great American. I believe he is a player that will benefit the Reds.

Secondly is Danny Ray Herrera, the number that jumps is the 142 Ks to 37 BB in 2 seasons along with the lovely 4 HRs in 122 1/3 IP. Probably going to start in AAA but when the bullpen falls apart (something will happen, I sense it), he could be a very good early relief man.

Now Josh Hamilton may be gone but let us not forget, if Josh Hamilton was still here, Jay Bruce would not get on the MLB roster because Bruce is too young and the Reds already have enough players (with speed minus power).