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This one? The poor cricket guy, he flinches when Reynolds hits the 1st pitch.
The video is a sham. The baseball player is shown hitting only certain types ( or one type of 'pitch') of deliveries. The bowler ( pitcher) is a spin bowler (slow bowler) who is generally not that hard to hit. This type of bowler tries to make the 'batter' miss hit ( mostly) so don't be mislead by the supposed ease of hitting the ball. The baseball player in this video would likely be out on each of his hits...you just don't see or aren't told about that part. The baseball batter would have a much harder time hitting a fast ( or 80+mph) bowler because the ball would be aimed at his toes or maybe his head ( bounced off the ground)...that would have been a fairer comparison. The video does 'Sports Science' a great disservice and its credibility as well!