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I got some terrible news this morning.

They say you always remember where you were when something life-changing happens....

I was standing in the kitchen, fixing a cold beverage after a long night at the widget factory. My son was, as usual, rummaging through the refrigerator next to me. When all of a sudden my wife walks in, and she gets this look on her face. And she pulls me aside, and whispers in my ear," You arent the tallest one in the family anymore."

I desperately checked to see if i had accidentally taken off my shoes while he had his on, but that was not the case. He was barefoot as well.

I had no choice but to admit that its true. On a good low gravity day, with an hour or so to loosen up my vertebrae, i am a legit 6'2 and 15/16ths inches tall. This morning, to my wifes unerring eye, my son was noticeably taller than me. The oldest boy, ( heretoafter known as "my favorite son") had the decency to stop growing at 6'2 and 1/2 inches. My younger son (heretoafter known as "black sheep") has no such decorum. He is hell bent on being 6'4", possibly 6'5"

Kids these days.....no respect for their elders.

Practice is going okay, from what he says. I think he is in line to get his fair share of playing time, theres only 15 on the JV roster and i count 3-5 kids that i would classify as mostly pitchers. Parent meeting is tonight. Im thinking of going in wearing a speedo and painted in school colors, carrying the biggest boom box i can find, and blaring this:


Too low key?