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The safest way to NOT get hit is to step backward. The safest way TO get hit is to turn your back. It teach both together.
You're right, I guess, but it doesn't really go hand in hand with good, balanced aggressive hitting- or do you think that it does? I don't think that when a batter is turning inward he isn't necessarily trying to get hit safely but he is mainly trying to avoid getting hit and if he does get hit it decrease the odds of injury/pain. Which are they supposed to step back with, the front or the back? I guess if the pitching is real slow a hitter could easily get out of the way by stepping back but do you this also applies to fast pitching? A guy who steps back, I'm thinking he has a head start going that way to begin with.
I'm sorry I just saw this post. I don't think it hurts mechanics at all. Basically you shift weight into the front leg and when that momentum is stopped and transfered into rotation it doesn't matter which way that rotation goes. Think of a spinning back fist or a round house kick. You just rotate backward stepping back with the back leg. Now if you have already started rotating into your swing before you realize the ball is going to get you then it's too late. Just turn the head and brace for it or try to jump back but I don't like that. Kids tend to raise their arms and take hard shots to the ribs when they do that.

It's the same technique as turning and taking it just stepping back with the back leg and continuing to spin out of the way. Yes on a fast pitcher your probably not going to get out of the way but if found especially with younger kids that having a plan to get out of the way prevents premature getting out of the way.