I think should be able to play in the major as long as they are good.I mean my little cousin wants to play in the major leagues and she's a girl.I tell my aunt she might be able to do that just try and fight.She isn't on a little league team yet.I'm think of telling my aunt to let her play.All I told my cousin was that, ''You can play but be careful.You have to be strong both physically and menatlly.They might tease you so be ready for it.''I played softball when I was small(I'm 16).It was really fun, but I really wanted to play with the guys.I wanted to be a pitcher but I'm not good with a girls way of pitching.The only way I can pitch is like how a guy does it.But i can't become a pitcher.I want to go to the Major Leagues,in a team with guys.I'll fight with my little cousin too!