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Ken Williams' remarks are disingenuous to say the least. MLB has already shot it itself in the foot with work stoppages. Another work stoppage would only alienate fans, players and owners alike.

However, there are things that can and should be done to slow the spiral.

To wit:
1) Eliminate arbitration after 3 years and let Free Agency begin at that point. Better yet, allow Free Agency to begin after 1 year of service time.
2) All local media money should be pooled. As of right now the national media money; ESPN, TNT, MLB Network and all of the MLB.com money is pooled. However the Yankees/YES and the Red Sox/NESN are local money which gives a huge advantage to those clubs.
3) A salary cap as a % of all monies could then be instituted. Thus, the players would be invested in the game; they are the product AND the labor after all, and the clubs would be able to forecast expenses.

Having said that the chance of the Yankees or Red Sox pooling their cable income is unlikely at best.

Additionally, there is nothing that can be done about the poor decision making that the Mets, Pirates and Rangers among many others, have practiced since the inception of Free Agency in 1977. Money doesn't buy brains.

Finally, some clubs are profit driven while others are victory driven. Systems cannot completely adjust for the varying motivations of owners.