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2 swings that I always loved were that of Edgar Martinez and Paul Molitor.

Martinez' would rock back slightly lift his elbow and produce a 20 degree uppercut with contact made just before his nave. Martinez' line drives that were almost too perfect to be HRs as they didn't generate that much loft. However he almost never hit 2-hoppers and the vicious topspin his style imparted led to his 2 AL batting titles.

Paul Molitor started his swing from a dead stop with no back swing or weight shift. How he managed to generate so much bat speed with such a style is one of baseball's unsolved mysteries.

As a boy growing up in Long Island I used to do a pretty fair Cleon Jones impression. He rocked his front/left knee back and swung almost exclusively at high fastballs nailing them as their descent began by swinging in front of his torso.

Gee, I wish there was a market for Cleon Jones impressions...Sigh.