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One factor that has hurt Aaron's historic stature is the fact that the Aaron/Matthews/Spahn Braves only won 1 World Series, that of 1957. In 1958 the Yankees did to the Braves what the Braves had done to them in '57. In 1959 the Braves collapsed down the stretch and lost a 3 game playoff to the Dodgers who are surely one of the weakest WS victors. The 1959 playoff agsinst the Dodgers is detailed in Howard Bryant's THE LAST HERO: A LIFE OF HENRY AARON. This playoff loss ended the golden era of Milwaukee's best teams AND fan support. If Aaron had been a part of another WS winning team he would have had the fame that he finally earned by surpassing Babe Ruth.

There is a certain element of good fortune in the historic appraisal of ballplayers that Henry Aaron didn't get.