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Ralph Kiner is the most underrated player in the HOF. An icon of the N.Y. Mets for his broadcasting from 1962 to the present Kiner is one of baseball's greatest power hitters.

-He played only 10 seasons and lead the N.L. in HRs 7 times in a row. This dominance overshadows Ruth, Bonds...etc.
-His OBA of .398 and SLG of 548 are ample testimony to his offensive efficiency.
-Kiner's Korner was built in the left field of Forbes Field to maximize Kiner's HR chances. (Forbes Field had its bullpens in foul territory by the dugouts). Yet, Kiner hit only 175 of his 369 HRs at Forbes. (Kiner's Korner was also the name of the WOR-9 post-game show that Kiner hosted during my early years).
-In spite of this voluminous evidence and his fame, he dated Ava Gardner and Elizabeth Taylor, Kiner waited 20 years to be elected in 1975.

There is no player with the resume' of Kiner who waited as long. Contemporary discussions of "peak value" LFs usually don't include Kiner. Indeed, my well know status as a Mets fan is cited as evidence of my partiality.