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Great thread!!!

Here is one of the points that Tewks is getting at in my opinion:
A running start or early bat speed...whatever you call it is getting the bat flat sooner, which gives the hitter a number of advantages, including consistency and power. ......not that you can't hit a home run when you don't get the bat flat sooner, but it is all about consistency against MLB pitching.
I am guessing Torres is RH thrower. It is difficult for a RH thrower to get the bat flat early in his LH swing, because taking the bat rearward is a top hand move...not natural for a LH swinger. Look at the two photos I am posting and compare the MLB players to Torres swing and I can see that his hands come forward sooner than most MLB hitters, who get the bat flat earlier. Tewks (I believe is saying a shorter swing is when the bat gets flat sooner. I'm not sure if I would call it a shorter swing, but a more efficient one.
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