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Ok, give me your definition of connection.

Why? Because at toe touch, the linear forces are "gathered" for a lack of a better phrase and then are coupled with the beginning of the rotational forces to then use the torso to generate power. I'm not in to physics. JBooth could explain this much better than I. JJA could as well.

Perhaps you missed my previous question:

With regards to the short swing, redefined by who and measured by what?

Short swing... Most commonly is it viewed as the distance to the ball. If you ask a kid, they end up doing a tight, push down swing to demonstrate it. I measure it in multiple ways. It is the process of simplifying by understanding the complexities.

1. Time – How long it takes from swing commitment to contact.
2. Distance of Hand Path – How far the hands need to go forward from swing commitment.
3. Total Distance of Barrel Travel – Measured from swing commitment.
4. Radius of the Swing Arc – Again, measured from when a hitter commits to the swing.
5. Contact Point – How deep the ball can be hit.