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The scap dig action helps the body turn. If you release the scap, it can't help you turn and you end up with a push. The spine engine stuff has deeper info on it, so I wanted to know what base you were working with.
here is the spine engine stuff in case anyone wants to know what tewks is talking about


BTW: this guy doesn't discount the value of rotation. he says that spine/hip rotation is the power source but wants the tilting in the spine occur before forward rotation of the shoulders start to achieve a better connection between hips and the barrel. then with a slight delay the shoulders also rotate.

His model is that when the hips start to rotate the shoulders don't rotate but the spine bends laterally which then increases the stretch and gets the back side tighter and better connected.

But he is not doubting rotation as a power source at all like you seem to do. He even argues that good hitters rotate more and longer in the swing while bad hitters slide and stall.

He is not an advocate of this unathletic one plane stuff but he is definitely a rotational guy.