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I may get blown up for what I am about to type but oh well. Connection has been mentioned in this thread and we have seen some swings shown that are definitely connected but they stay connected to the turning body.

IMO, connection is something we pass through. It is not something that we maintain or hold onto. We connect early and then it is gone. Some swings will appear connected longer and some will stay connected a little longer and some will stay connected for just a instance. Pitch location, speed or if the pitch was what we were looking for or if it was something other then what we were looking for will affect the length of appearance of connection. Again, I believe that connection is passed through early.

Here is an analogy that makes sense to me but may be way off base. Think of a JUGS 2 wheel pitching machine. The wheels are turning but are not connected. The ball is placed in and when it hits the wheels everything becomes connected. The top wheel, the ball and the bottom wheel are connected but just for an instance. The ball is shot out and as soon as it leaves the wheel, everything becomes disconnected again.

Now imagine if we could put a brake on the wheels. As we drop the ball in, we hit the brake. The ball may bounce back if the wheel is shut down just before everything connects (check swing early). Now if we stop the wheel as everything connects, the ball will pop out the front or stop between the wheels (check swing late).

So, as the barrel is on it's running start and the lower body is "opening", the swing is not quite connected. The barrel finishes it's farthest point back and has now completed the arc. The back shoulder and hands have connected to the rear hip. Everything is connected. You can now either stop or continue. The fact that you have the running start gets the barrel in such a position that, at commitment it has less distance to travel to get to contact. You have effectively created a short cut because you have shortened the distance you have to travel to contact after commitment and with no loss of power. Also, you will have more adjustabilty because of this later commitment and you can effectively stop your swing while still swinging!

I hope this makes sense. Damn, wish I was an English Major.
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