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I don't think of connection as being the hands to the shoulder. I think of connection as the overall kinetic chain and keeping it "connected" from beginning to end. There were so many definitions of "connection", but every time someone talked about becoming "disconnected", to me it meant a break in the chain. (e.g. casting, hands before the hips, etc.)

I don't believe the hands need to stay frozen by the shoulder, but should be hear the shoulder during the load and stride, the beginning of hip rotation, and as long as possible while getting the barrel on plane with the pitch. The longer the hands stay "near" the rear shoulder the better, but due to differing speeds and locations the hands will need to adjust. I like a lot of Brockhoff's stuff, but I'm not a fan of keeping the barrel on the shoulder during rotation. I think the barrel should get on plane during rotation. (But no "flip".) I hope this makes sense.
Could someone be "too connected"?

My answer is "yes" (not trying to trap anyone here), and what I see in Torres and these two other guys.

Does that make sense and do you see the same or something different when comparing them to the other clips I posted?