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I posted years ago about his swing and noted that his swing was considered high level and he doesn't seem to coil his hip inward as his front foot goes forward (which is very popular to talk about on this forum). In his talk and video, he again seems to coil his hip as he raises his front leg, then uncoil as he goes forward with the stride foot. Does anyone see that or agree? My point being, the idea of coiling or turning the hips inward as you stride isn't a MUST have in a good swing. What do you guys see or hear in/from him regarding hips as you stride? Coil going forward? Uncoil as you go forward? He seems to uncoil as he goes forward, but keep the shoulders in, causing that stretch he refers to.
I just read this:
The high level swing is a release of stretch that was established during the loading process. This stretch is accomplished by stretching against the corner. The corner was established by coiling the rear hip rearward over/around the ball of the femur. You then stretch against the corner by 'pulling back' with your lower back and retracting the scapula moving it toward the spine and clamping it down. Basically, you pull rearward with your back muscles to help the hip maintain it's coiled position around the ball of the femur. While this 'pulling back' is happening, the rear leg is attempting to internally rotate. So you have a 'fight' going on between the hip, lower back, and scapula, which are all pulling rearward against the rear leg, which is trying to turn forward.

We refer to this action as the rag wring. If you had a rag in your hands and were to wring it out, the top hand would turn one way against the bottom hand turning the other way. In hitting, the hip, lower back and scapula are represented by the top hand. The rear leg is represented by the bottom hand.

The rag wring action is the 'stretching around the corner'.