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I've seen a source that listed Minoso with about 3 to 5 games with the '45 New York Cubsns. However. if baseball-reference (a very good source) has no record of it, then I'll have to regard any appearences he had with the '45 team as "unconfirmed".
I wouldn't say that it is conclusive, but James Riley author of the Biographical Encyclopedia of the Negro Baseball Leagues and Roberto Echevarria author of The Pride of Havana A History of Cuban Baseball seem to also confirm that he didn't play with the Cubans during the 1945 season. I suspect that he signed with the team some time after the season was over but still during the year 1945. Either way Minoso didn't play enough games with the Cubans in 1945 to be of any significance. I have read a couple of dozen books on the subject of the Negro or Blackball leagues and I can say that you can find misinformation and conflicts in a fair amount of it. If I remember correctly Donn Rogosin had Minoso with the New York Cubans in 1944 according to his book Invisible Men.