With the GMs meeting in Orlando underway, expect some big deals to be done soon. But, before they happen, I'll play a game of predictions, and try to connect the dots of the free agent market.

1. Alex Rodriguez

A-rod is easily the biggest free agent in the market, and is the biggest one to come along in a long time. To me, there's a market for him, and a market for everyone else. But where will he go?

My official prediction: Angels. The Angels are one of the richest teams in the game, and they are looking at A-rod very seriously. Thier only real competition for A-rod would probably be the Mets. But how much of a competition would (or even could) you have for a man who wants a 30/300 million dollar deal?

2. Mike Lowell

The man I call Mikey Baseball. He's a great RBI producer, has good power, and can give you gold glove defense at third. Where will he go?

My official prediction: Red Sox. I personally think Lowell loves Boston, and being a Red Sox fan and watching him every night, he certainly has a good reason why. He's one of the most loved players on the team, and he can certainly help that team to a repeat championship. I certainly see Lowell going back to Boston.

3. Barry Bonds

Barry, won't you ever retire? Aparently not. According to his blog, he's still seeking a championship ring, but he's probably not even going to be signed by a team that has a legitament shot of making the play offs.

My official prediction: Royals. Kansas City is in need of a left fielder/DH, which would be the perfect spot for Bonds.

4. Jorge Posada

2007 was a great season for Georgi. But that great BA of his could possibly be the last gas in the tank for this ageing catcher. Posada is also a man who greatly enjoyed playing for Joe Torre. But with Joe's departure to the west coast, Posada's status with the Yankees could certainly be in jeopardy.

My official prediction: Yankees. New York is all Posada has known in his career, and I don't see him (or Brian Cashman) changing his ways.