Now, I have said for quite some time that Tim Lincecum, the "franchise" on the San Francisco Giants has deserved to win the CYA. Yesterday, he did. He is one of four pitchers to win the Cy Young in two seasons, joining Bret Saberhagen, Doc Gooden, and Fernando Valenzuela. He led the National League in K's, K's per nine, hits allowed per nine, adjusted ERA+, came second in ERA, second in win percentage, second in wins (on a team that ended the season 72-90), third in innings, and eighth in WHIP.

All of this is great, and I'm extremely happy he won. However, I came across the other vote getters, and it showed just how much of a joke that awards are. Lincecum received 23 of the 32 first place votes, giving him 72% of the votes and 137 points. The other two highest both had four first place votes.

Brandon Webb and Johan Santana both had four first place votes, and Webb had 18 more voter's points than Santana. Webb had 22 wins, four more than Lincecum, and lead the league. That's all he led. Johan Santana had 16 wins (although he should've had something like 23 or 24), led the league in ERA and innings, and ranked better than Webb in six other major pitching categories.

I mean seriously. Santana actually had a very, very, very, very good case for the Award. I am glad that Lincecum won though. But Webb doesn't even deserve to be put above CC Sabathia, let alone second place over Johan Santana. If the Mets' bullpen could've, I don't know, saved a few games for Santana he probably would've won the Cy Young.