The pleasant super baseball friendly afternoon that had blessed Detroit with sunny skies and comfortable temps starting dwindling even before the ESPN Sunday Night Baseball crew set foot on the field. By game time the beautiful mid 60's degree sunny day had turned into a chilly and only getting chillier 51 degree evening.

Nick Swisher did little to help warm the evening, blasting the second offering of Verlander into the right field seats. While the Tigers did manage to battle back from the early one run deficit to tie the game in the 3rd inning. It was for naught, as the temp dropped the run total on the White Sox side rose.

In few circumstances do I leave a game early, but as the temps dipped into the 30's and even my knit cap, winter jacket and 2 $8.00 beers were failing to warm me up. I left at the top of the 9th inning to a 9-2 WhiteSox lead. When I sat down in my car it was 13-2, 4 more runs. Oh well, I am sure things will get better.

In other notes, I found that Jeff Kellogg called a pretty good game, with a consistent strike zone the only thing I try to spot from an Ump.