We arrived down at the park quite a bit earlier then normal and got a Justin Verlander no-hitter DVD. That DVD was supposed to be given to the first 10K people, but it seemed like they only gave out about 5K tops.

Since we got there so earlier we spent a good hour in the lounge drinking a couple beers, and chatting with the bartender. Patti the bartender has been at the lounge for the last couple of years, and me liking the drink has come to know her kinda well. Before we knew it the 1st batter was already up on the television, so we dashed to our seats.

The game itself was actually a pretty well played game for both teams, with the exception of a poor pick off throw by Minnesota's Jesse Crain the game was error free. Of course the Twins had a few of those scrappy runs. The one I remember was batter walked, stole second, ground out moves him sac fly scores him (0H, 1BB, 1R), or something like that.

The Tigers muscle up in the long run banging out 5 HR for the 6-5 win. Todd Jones of course had his moment of tension for the save in the 9th.

That brings me to the on-going bet I have with my seat neighbor; if Jones has a 1-2-3 inning I give my neighbor a dollar, anything else happens I get a dollar. Believe it or not I actually have lost this bet more than I won (5-6 losses in a row to start). I think I am still a couple bucks behind, the now going on 2 year running bet.

Well, umped game again this time by Mike Dimuro.