I gotta admit...that as much as I want Santana I really would rather not go after him at this point.

The Trade would create problems for the Yankees starting with OF Defense and then trading away the guy who was supposed to be the Future Ace of the staff. Then to top it off it's going to cost somewhere in the $100M Range just to keep Santana.

I understand that the Yankees must keep Santana away from Boston, but at what cost?

Then looking over the trade, it's clear that the Yankee original deal with IPK, Melky, Prospect was a better deal than the Boston offer of Lester, Coco, Lowrie. The Twins interest is not just trading Santana for new pieces, but they are also dumping salary. So why pick up Coco's $9M-$10M contract? It makes no sense.

I sincerely hope that Bill tells Hank where he would take his deadline ....and Santana stays in a Twins uniform.

According to reports, Santana has said he would only waive his "No Trade" clause to the Yankees or the Red Sox.