Sitting here sick to my stomache that Johan hasn't been dealt to the Mets or the Dodgers yet...hell I'll even accept a deal to the Angels.

All in all, I prefer that Johan stay in Twin City and just play out his contract.

IMO, if the Yankees trade away Phil Hughes then all in the Evil Empire have been duped. All along Brian Cashman has been touting how this is a new Regime and that he's the new Sheriff in town and his goals is to keep Phil Hughes in Pinstripes as long as he's working for the Yankees. The Yankees should not bite on Johan.

Yes, I agree he's a True Ace in every sense of the word. My problem with a Johan trade is that he simply is not worth trading away Phil Hughes for. Ask yourself: Is 4-5 years of Johan worth 10+ years of Phil Hughes? Also, remember that a Johan trade will recreate a Defense hole in Centerfield because the Yanks will be force to move Johnny Damon back there. (Dear God!)

The Yankees and Cashman are at a Crossroad. Go down the path of Johan Santana or let Phil Hughes lead this flock of Yankees to the Promise Land. The road might be rocky at first with Hughes, but I sincerely believe that he will find his way and lead the Yankees for many years.

With Santana, you have to imagine he's going to command a $21M+ at a 5 Year clip. Now don't forget that's also going to take on $7.5M of Luxury Taxes to the Yankees. So in essesence the Yankees will be playing almost $30M per season for Johan! Now again, ask yourself.....Is it worth it?