I'm sitting here just finished reading about Cashman admitting that he's back to sitting outside while the Big Boys discuss personnel. It just boggles my mind.

At first, I could honestly say that all the talking Hank Steinbrenner was doing was just that. Talk. He was trying to asert himself as the dominant figure over his brother and let everyone know it. But this guy will just not shut up! He refuses to do so. He's constantly tipping his hand to the Twins on the Santana thing and I honestly wish he would just STFU!

Brian Cashman has gone out and staked his job on Phil Hughes. That's how much he believes in the kid. So why are we still even discussing Johan Santana. Stay away from him at all costs. The damage that a Santana trade will do to the Yanks just isn't worth it!

And as for Theo Epstein, it's been reported many times that he does not sincerely want to make a trade for Johan, but he has to keep him away from the Yanks or at least try. I mean let's get real here. How is it that the Yanks MUST give up Phil Hughes to get Santana yet the Sox say they'll part with Jon Lester. There is no way in hell that are on the same level! That alone should tell you how serious the Sox are about this trade.

Hank should just keep his mouth shut and let the Twins trade Santana to the Mets. Right now, Omar Minaya is trying to scrap up every Prospect he has to hand over to Bill Smith. So let him damnit! Let him!

In all honesty Epstein probably wouldn't care too much about Santana going to the Yanks because he knows that there will be long term damage to the Yanks. Phil Hughes will be gone and the Yanks then have a huge Defensive lapse in CF thanks to Johnny Damon's wet noodle of an arm.

Hank, you should not have the final say. You should keep your trap shut and just sign the checks. Just like your father learned to do. When Stick Michaels took over the franchise you saw what it became...you still see it today with Cashman at the reigns. Let your GM run the franchise and be there to offer your opinion and your signature....that is all that is required of you.