The sun is shining so much brighter here in Gloomy New Jersey today!

Phil Hughes is still in Pinstripes.....Thank You....Bill Smith! I want to thank the Omar Minaya and the New York Mets for coming to the aid of the Yankees! We here at the Evil Empire are in debt to you Good Sir! :bowdown:

Bill Smith, only one word comes to mind: D'Oh
In this Poker game he bluff and he bluff til he could bluff no more. Once he was gotten, he had to come back begging for scraps. He had Phil Hughes on the table, but he got greedy. He also wanted Ian Kennedy. In the end, he got nothing. He didn't even get the 2nd Best deal which came from the Red Sox Nation. Smith went home basically with whatever he could get. Because that's basically what Omar Minaya gave him. Smith could have gotten Major League ready arms from both the Sox and Yanks, but a miscalculation got him far less than market value.

Omar held his cards close and he didn't even have to part with Mike Pelfrey (who I don't think much of) or his best asset, Fernando Martinez. Wow! If I had seen this deal on a rumor site, I would have laughed it off.

Last night, I thought "Hmm...Theo and Brian were at William Paterson University here in NJ. What if both of them got together and said, "Listen Brian, I really don't want Johan and have no need for him. I know you don't want him either. What if you back off the deal and in return I give you my word that I back off also?" Personally, since both are known to be friends I could honestly see that happening. In the end, the Yanks weren't even in the chase anymore and Epstein wasn't offering Clay or Jacoby and in the end even pulled Lester from the deal.

The only reason Omar gets the deal done is because there was nothing else to be gotten. It was the perfect timing.

Now, Omar and co need to bang out a deal to keep Johan in a Mets uniform for a long time. They already had franchise demoralizing deal (Scott Kazmir) this decade and they would feel it even worse if they can't lock up Johan.

All said...I'm Happy for the Mets. And I'm even more thankful that Hughes is still a Yankee.

My only concern now is that Hughes and Cashman will feel it next season if Hughes doesn't produce. Knowing the mouthpiece that Hank has become, it could also be Cashman's final season in the Bronx. Not just because he could be fired, but also because his deal is up anyways and if Hank doesn't restore Cashman's power which Daddy bestowed him, he might walk. This is all for another day. For now, I'll just bask in the fact that Hughes survived the Johan Watch.