So the other day I was watching a "Classic" 1985 Game between the Cubs and Cardinals on the MLB Channel and I noticed something. There were alot of African-American players on both teams starting. I think Chicago had 2 or 3 and St. Louis had 4. It got me wondering...what happened and why isn't baseball able to pump them out any longer. Then I tried to look around at franchise's ability to produce them out or even have more than one on the roster. I found one team doing a decent job at producing them.

Tampa Bay. They have an amazing ability to turn out African-American baseball players: Delmon Young, BJ Upton, David Price, Carl Crawford, Elijah Dukes, Joey Gaithright, Edwin Jackson and Tim Beckham the No. 1 pick last year waiting in the wings.

Seems to me that mining the inner cities like teams doing it in the Dominican or Venezuela would be a great place to find talent so why aren't more teams doing it?

I mean I've heard the typical answers that they're more interested in basketball or football. I don't know if I buy that and Tampa doesn't seem to believe that either and they're proving it.