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If you would have been at the Browns game on August 19, 1951 and purchased a scorecard, we have a replica copy which we will soon offer to fans.

It's a 100% exact replica of the August 19, 1951 scorecard between the St. Louis Browns and the Detroit Tigers. This is when midget, Eddie Gaedel, came up to bat as the first batter in the second game of the team's double header. This event has been identified in some circles as the #1"event" in the history of major league baseball.

Baseball was never the same after Eddie Gaedel stepped up to the plate. Midgets were immediately banned from the game and baseball history was richer by an immortal image of Gaedel in the batter's box with catcher, Bob Swift, crouched low behind him.

Gaedel is listed in the scorecard with the other known players with his number shown as 1/8. Other players include - Hank Arft, Sherm Lollar, Ken Wood, Satchel Paige, Jim Delsing, Coach Max Patkin, John Beradino and others.

There are three surviving Browns players from this game who are pitcher, Ned Garver; outfielder Frank Saucier; and catcher, Matt Batts. Some of the scorecard already have original autographs signed this month (May 2013).

What happened after Gaedel stepped out of the dugout and up to the plate is history. If you're interested in this history, we will be glad to add your name to a priority mail list to let you know when the card (and photos) are available. Send a note to [email protected].

More information appears regularly on the blog site at http://thestlbrowns.blogspot.com.