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Saturday, August 25, 1962, the visiting Dodgers' pitching rotation lines up for a quick photo-op pregame: Don Drysdale, Pete Richert, Stan Williams, Sandy Koufax, Johnny Podres. Williams would start this day but Ron Perranoski would relieve him in the 5th inning to get the win over the Mets, 8-2, with 4 Dodgers going deep as Roger Craig lost his 21st game (in August!), aided by 3 Mets errors. It would be the Dodgers' third and final trip back to New York during the '62 campaign. The win would keep LA 2.5 games over the SF Giants, but alas they would drop 10 of 13 in the final 2 weeks, with all 5 losing key games down the stretch, to end the season in a flatfoot tie with SF and lose the 3-game playoff for the pennant.


Saturday, July 13, 1963, and Koufax pals around with Mets hurler Jay Hook's 4-year old son Wes, on Family Day at the old PG. Koufax wouldn't pitch that day but the Dodgers would again beat the Mets handily 11-2, with one of the '62 Bob Millers (the righty) turning the tables on his old mates and going all the way for LA on a 6-hitter. The Dodgers would again find themselves at the top of the NL, stretching their lead over SF to 6 games with the victory, but this time, the Dodgers would hold on to for the pennant, winning by those 6 games, and sweeping the Yanks for the '63 title.

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