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  • The team as it stands

    Here's what our team may look like as of right now, off of the Orioles site 40-man roster:

    C - Hernandez (Lopez, Gil)
    1B - Young (Millar)
    2B - Roberts (Gomez)
    3B - Mora (Gomez)
    SS - Tejada (Gomez)

    LF - Patterson (Conine)
    CF - Matos (Patterson)
    RF - Gibbons (Conine)

    DH - J. Lopez (Gibbons)


    SP1 - R. Lopez
    SP2 - Bedard
    SP3 - Cabrera
    SP4 - Chen
    SP5 - Penn

    CL - Hawkins
    RHP - Ray, Julio, Williams
    LHP - Byrdak, DuBose, Parrish



    B - Whiteside, Fahey, Fiorentino, Majewski, Markakis
    P - Britton, Finch, Gracesqui, Johnson, Keefer, Loewen, Maine, Rakers, Rleal, Salas

    Any changes you see should be made? Or, would be made from the team's perspective? Is this a better or worse team than last year?
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    My opinion: things were going fine (in a conservative manner) until the team signed Millar. I think he's a complete waste of a roster spot and I'd rather give it to a youngster like Majewski.

    I also think this is a deeper team than last year (mostly due to the youngsters waiting in the wings) and one that won't miss Sosa and Palmeiro after all the turmoil they put the team through. I don't see their record improving however. Palmeiro actually carried the team for a while offensively. And, we don't have B.J. Ryan anymore.

    One more year... one more year... that's what they say, and once more we should finish 4th. But 4th is--well--see my avatar.


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      I happened to think, as a Mets fan, that the Orioles got pretty decent value in Kris Benson for Julio and Maine. When he's on, Benson is a good pitcher. He keeps the ball down and moves it around. He's not overpowering but has good control. He averaged 6 innings a start last year.

      But after a good start, there was a long stretch where he simply didn't win ballgames. I think he lets up mentally sometimes.

      He is now 31 years old. Overall, a not-bad rotation pitcher -- I think they're harder to come by than bullpen arms -- who might win as many as 15 with good support.


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