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  • Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!

    He just might do it, the absolute madman.

    In this total black hole of a season for the Orioles, there's one thing the fans can look forward to: Chris Davis could possibly break a record!

    What is that record, you ask? Why, it's the lowest batting average for a title qualifier in a season!

    The free-swinging Rob Deer (to little surprise) set the record, with 80 hits in 448 at-bats (.179), in 1991. By some mad coincidence, Dan Uggla matched those numbers exactly in 2013.

    Davis currently sits at .172 after going (to no one's surprise) 0-3 in yesterday's 5-0 loss to the Blue Jays. With 12 games in the season, it looks like the record is within reach. Do you think he'll do it?

    You may also discuss other ignominious records ITT as well.
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    It would certainly sum up the whole season. What the heck...I hope he pulls it off. h
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      ...and with 3 more Ks tonight and 8 games to go, Crash is also sitting nicely at 192 punchouts. He'll no doubt notch his third 200-K season in the past four.


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