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Who is the Orioles Greatest Rival?

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  • Who is the Orioles Greatest Rival?

    Do the Baltimore Orioles have a rival team? More than one? Who are the Orioles rivals and why? Does the rival view the Orioles the same way? If you can think of more than one, please try to differentiate why one rivalry might be fiercer or more prominent than another.
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    I am a life long Orioles fan and the Yankees are the team we hate the most. We don't like the Red Sox either but will pull for them against the Yankees (the enemy of my enemy is my friend). During the early 70's we were rivals with the A's.

    There is bad blood between Baltimore and Cleveland but that has more to due with football. Cleveland was mad at Baltimore for taking their team while Baltimore was always resentful that the NFL turned themselves upside to get Cleveland a new team very quickly and allowed them to keep he Browns name while they had to wait 14 years and couldn't keep the Colts name. The first year the Ravens played football was the same year that the O's upset the Indians in the divisional round although the Indians upset the O's in the ALCS a year later.


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