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  • Brian Robert's is back

    my opinion on why it was smart to keep roberts as an oriole fan he might be one of the only reasons i will go to the games this yr..the os are going to be miserable.

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    Well, imagine this lineup next season if the Orioles retain Roberts and sign Mark Teixeira:

    1. B Roberts (2B)
    2. R Jones (CF)
    3. L Markakis (RF)
    4. B Teixeira (1B)
    5. L Scott (DH)
    6. R Reimold (LF)
    7. B Weiters (C)
    8. R Mora (3B)
    9. minced pudding (SS)

    That's actually quite potent. And, it would only get better the following season when Reimold and Weiters get experience, and Rowell or Snyder are ready for the majors.


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      This Years Team

      I too beleive the O's are gong to have a VERY BAD year.I see them loosing 100 games. Even Tampa Bay will be better. The Ray's have improved alot, where the O's have less personnel (quality) players then last year. I am hoping to see the O's keep Mr. Roberts. They seem to have "fire sales" every few years to rid the good players, hoping to get better players. It seems to me that the "new" owner does not want to pay for the few good one's out there and trade one great player for 5 or 6 players, that consist of 2 or 3 prospects and 2 or 3 suspects..........I think our number 1 and 2 starters are most team's 4 and 5th starters................hope I am wrong with my prodictions, but I see year number 10 below 500.


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        Next Years Team

        I see you have no one at short. Looking at this years draft, the best looking players have a high school player at short and see we are picking number 4, maybe we can take Tim Beckham (ss from Griffin Ga. HS). He probobly won't be at the Major league level next year, at least not at the beginning of the season. The number one projected player, Pedro Alvarez, is a 3rd basemen, but being a collage player, he would make a good fit for the infield. I don't think he will still be around for the 4th pick.................


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          The best-case scenario as far as the draft goes is to hope that Beckham and/or Eric Hosmer are available at #4, meaning that at least one pitcher, as well as Alvarez, would have to go in the top three. I could see the O's drafting Hosmer over Beckham, as their options at first base are Kevin Millar and Aubrey Huff, and I don't think either of them will be back. Both, however, have committed to major college programs (Hosmer to Arizona State, Beckham to USC), and it might be hard prying them away. I think that a college player might be a safer route to go. If Justin Smoak (South Carolina) is available, he's probably just as good an option as Hosmer. Aaron Crow is having a fantastic season as well and could be an option if a good infield prospect emerges (Blake Davis, I'm looking at you!) Brian Matusz would be the #2 pitcher, but I would have to see him as a long shot, with the O's wealth of pitching prospects as of right now.

          In short, it would most likely be Crow, Smoak, Hosmer, or Tim Beckham to the O's at #4.


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            The O's Draft Continued

            Eric bedard, your namesake maybe on the westcoast, but your heart is still in Baltimore. You have a great way to write and I do like what you say. Your 4th pick scenaro is right on target. It's tuff to pick a HSchooler with the first pick. If he decides to attend collage, you loose that pick. Collage is a great way to pick up your players and not have to invest in a few years in the minors, as you would in getting someone out of high school.


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