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2008 Orioles Season Thread

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  • 2008 Orioles Season Thread

    This is the big thread for general discussion regarding the games of the Orioles 2008 season, as the title suggests.


    3/31/08 Devil Rays @ Orioles 3:05 pm

    Twenty-five healthy, hopeful Orioles are ready to start the "gain experience" phase of the rebuilding process. Jeremy Guthrie takes the mound against Scott Shields.

    Prediction: Rays 5, Orioles 3

    Guthrie has a decent outing but Carl Crawford has a field day. The bullpen gives up a couple more runs. The 2-3-4 hitters (Mora, Markakis, Millar) drive in a couple runs and the rest of the Orioles lineup has maybe one or two hits total off Shields. The team tacks on a solo HR in the late innings.

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    Close... Rays 6, Orioles 2

    All six runs were scored off Guthrie. Jeremy was not locating his pitches and several balls ended up in the wheelhouse... one in particular was deposited well over the right center wall by Erik Hinske.

    Matt Albers looked great in long relief. Having two long relievers will prove to be a wise decision this season.

    Hitters #1, 3 and 4 had a good day, especially Roberts who reached base four times but was caught stealing once and had another attempt botched by catcher's interference by Melvin Mora. Mora had a terrible day going 0-fer, scoring an error and causing the aforementioned interference (which was arguable but still). Nobody in the back of the rotation had a chance against James Shields who, while he may not have had his best stuff, showed why he (not Scott Kazmir) is the Rays' best pitcher.

    Today, it's Daniel Cabrera going up against young Matt Garza.

    Prediction: a tough one. Are we going to see the good Cabrera today? I'll guess yes, and the Orioles take a low scoring game into the late innings and win late vs. the soft TB pen.

    Orioles 4, Rays 3


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      A little more runs scored than anticipated, but I was right about the TB bullpen :cap

      Orioles 9, Rays 6

      Cabrera suffered the usual as two Rays (Cliff Floyd, Carlos Pena) hit HR shots off gopher balls and he couldn't get out of the 5th inning. So far, our starting rotation is looking bleak.

      But, the Orioles also got to Matt Garza, with signature HR shots from Brian Roberts (leading off, 10th of his career) and Aubrey Huff. The game was 6-5 headed to the 8th inning when last year's closer for the Rays (Al Reyes) took the mound. He walked Melvin Mora, gave up an infield hit to Kevin Millar, and Aubrey Huff drove them home again with a double off the wall. The Orioles pen meanwhile was terrific between Randor Bierd, Bradford/Walker, and George Sherrill who picked up his first same with the team.

      After the game the focus was on Huff and Cabrera. Huff was apologetic again for his comments on Bubba the Love Sponge (so sad, just sad) and hopeful for cheers in the future as the team wins (I think he's hopeful to do well enough to be traded). By whatever method, Aubrey looks motivated.

      Coach Trembley looked a little peeved at how many questions were fielded concerning Cabrera--especially after the big comeback win. Looks like he's just what he is.

      Next up: Steve Traschel vs. Andy Sonnanstine

      Prediction: Traschel junks TB to death but the Rays still get to him eventually... no comeback this time and the O's pen has a hiccup.

      Rays 10, Orioles 5


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        So far, you have to love this pen. The starters have me worried, though.'s early yet.
        4 5 (7) 8 20 22 33 42 (44)


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          The game was rained out. For the fourth straight day, the bullpen gave up zero runs. :cap:

          Seattle comes to town for the weekend. The starting rotation has been pushed back so Traschel opens the series. Sunday marks Erik Bedard's quick return to Baltimore:

          Apr 4 - Jarrod Washburn vs. Steve Traschel

          Apr 5 - Miguel Batista vs. Adam Loewen

          Apr 6 - Erik Bedard vs. Jeremy Guthrie

          Apr 7 - Felix Hernandez vs. Brian Burress (? probably Cabrera)


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            I'll be at Sunday's game!


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              Four games... four wins! All in come from behind fashion. :gt

              The bullpen is continuing to shine... through 21.1 IP they've given up two runs against the Rays and Mariners (both attributed to Greg Aquino). George Sherrill already has four saves on the season, and he looked outstanding vs his old team. Dennis Sarfate is 2-0 and throwing heat. Walker & Bradford also have 3+ appearances and a 0.00 ERA in the young season.

              In the rotation, Burress was skipped due to the game 3 rainout on April 3rd -- Cabrera got the start yesterday. All four pitchers did what they needed to keep the team hanging around until Baltimore could win the battle in the pen.

              The bats are getting it done with the situational hit. Roberts, Mora, Millar, and Huff have all hit key HRs to drive their team to wins. Luke Scott is batting .500 and Roberts, Markakis, Millar, Payton and even Luis Hernandez are all batting .300 or better. Hernandez drove a huge game-winning line-drive hit to cap a 3-run rally in the 9th on Sunday. Dave Trembley is keeping the team aggressive on the basepaths and most every ball put in play is run-out.

              The result: The Orioles are an American League best 5-1! And the clubhouse (for now) is pumped. :cap:

              The team is 2nd in the AL in batting (.277) and third in runs scored (32) in the least amount of at-bats (191) in the league.

              The team is 9th in the AL in ERA (4.17) but 5th in OBP against (.302)... the biggest problem is they lead the league in HRs given up (10 in only 6 games). Is this a function of Camden Yards? The starting rotation is going to need to get better to keep the Orioles winning streak going.

              Speaking of which, the Orioles take their 5-game winning streak to Texas for the first road series of the season:

              Apr 8 - Brian Burress vs. Jason Jennings

              Apr 9 - Stevel Traschel vs. Kason Gabbard

              Apr 10 - Adam Loewen vs. Kevin Millwood


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                Let's make that 6-1. Great effort by all involved, and Scott Moore hits a big fly in his first start.
                4 5 (7) 8 20 22 33 42 (44)


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                  when is the game rescheduled for? from last night
                  we will have a winning season sooner or later


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                    Today, at 5:05 PM. The second game will follow immediately.


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                      Funny that -- Brian Roberts was not scheduled to play last night (and... Scott Moore was slated for 2B? wow). Now it can be chalked up to the double-header.

                      Looking for a split here but we can take both games. Kason Gabbard did very well vs. the Orioles last season though -- could be a tall order for Traschel w/o Roberts in the lineup.


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                        I think the plan was for Moore to play 1B last night and maybe get a shot at 2B tonight. Now he'll get to play 2B in one of them tonight.


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                            OK, if we get our act together, we can still take Game 2 of this thing. Let's go O's!
                            Orioles Magic


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                              Well, the team lost a couple of close games 3-1 and 5-4 as part of a rain-out double header yesterday. Traschel gave up only 2 ER but took the loss in the first game as Kevin Millwood stymied the Oriole hitters. Late afternoon games tend to be hard on hitters as light and shadow play with the pitches.

                              The team came back from a 4-1 deficit to tie the second game, only to have Texas score the go-ahead run off Chad Bradford in the 8th. I believe this is the first loss credited to our bullpen?

                              The Orioles travel to Florida now to tangle with the Devil Rays a second time:

                              Game 1 - Jeremy Guthrie vs. James Shields (rematch of opening day)

                              Game 2 - Daniel Cabrera vs. Jason Hammel

                              Game 3 - Brian Burress vs. TBD (injury woes)


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