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Brooks, Earl Weaver, and small ball

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  • Brooks, Earl Weaver, and small ball

    I was just looking at this page of The Hardball Times, and the review of We Would Have Played For Nothing contains this remark,

    Originally posted by Dave Studeman
    Brooks Robinson has a great story about how the players were upset with the fact that Earl Weaver didn't like to play "small ball." So they met on their own and decided to ignore Earl and bunt when they felt they should.
    I can't recall any mention of this in the couple of books I've read on the Orioles of that era. Anyone know about this, or is there any statistical record of Weaver's Orioles defying "Weaver on strategy"? Or is Brooks recalling a conversation which didn't actually amount to anything?

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    I know Jim Palmer and Earl Weaver were constantly at odds, but then that's pretty much common knowledge.

    I can imagine something like that happening. Earl was such a ball of fire that the players may have simply tuned him out every now and then.


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